Innovation and Comfort

Arsouin 40 hybrid sailboat, innovation and comfort : Insulation and double glazing, Heating ans water-heating
Arsouin 40 hybrid sailboat, comfort and wellbeing

Energy is precious aboard an electric ship.

Thus, the insulation has been carefully studied.

Double glazing has been designed to equip the roof portholes. The digital cutting technology of the sheets and the digital machining make it possible to assemble portholes that are perfectly adjusted and flush with the roof.

Thus, the energy performance of Arsouin 40 does not sacrifice anything to the aesthetics, the elegance of the lines and the quality of the realization.

Innovation et confort - double vitrage

Heating is provided by low-temperature radiant panels, discreet because they are thin, and fixed to the ceilings (Heat pump/reversible air conditioning system in option).

Hot water is produced on demand by two 10-litre water heaters, one in the bathroom, the other in the galley. The advantages are numerous compared to a traditional water heater, in particular an economical use of the heating energy requested only on demand, and a substantial saving of water due to the proximity of the heaters to the taps.

In a traditional ship, hot water is only available when sailing with the start of the combustion engine, a deplorable carbon footprint and efficiency.